Cheap Photo for Pre Wedding

Most of the couples want to take pictures pre wedding. However, this often cannot be realized due to a limited budget. If you and your partner want a pre-wedding photos that are not too expensive, then you should do careful planning. Selection of place, concepts and themes, photographers, and clothing worn in the pre-wedding photos certainly will affect the amount of budget that you should spend. Here are tips to get cheap photo of pre-wedding.

cheap photo
cheap photo

Cheap Photo Pre-wedding Tips

The selection of themes and concepts is one thing that affects the implementation of the budget in the pre-wedding photos. In order to remain frugal, you can choose a natural concept that generally has rents that are not too expensive. Classic concept using grassland could also be a solution to get a cheap photo. In addition, various Islamic themes that tend to imply simplicity could also be the right choice for you who do not want to be too extravagant in pre-wedding affairs photo.


The place also affects the amount of fees you should spend in the pre-wedding photo session. For you who want to have cheap photo but still look attractive, you can use the parks, forests, museums, beaches, or other sights to take a picture session. Generally these places will be cheaper when compared to renting a studio with 3D interior, cafe, restaurant, hotel, or a particular building.


Photographer is an important element in the implementation of a pre-wedding photo. In this case, you can rely on the system of relationships such as close friends, relatives, or reference from friends in order to get a cheap photo. But if there is indeed no single reference, you can find yourself on the internet with a particular consideration. You can consider photography skills from the previous photo, the price of the package, the facilities in the package, etc.


Clothing is also influential in the implementation of a pre-wedding photo. This is because the clothing worn in pre-wedding photo session should match the theme or concept you are planning. So you can save more budget for wedding receptions, you can use your own clothing. As an alternative, you can use a simple fashion in a pre-wedding photo shoot. In addition, you can also get the cheap photo by using a wedding dress at a time for a photo session in pre-wedding. By doing so, the expenditure to rent clothes, equipment, or accessories that attach to the body and makeup can be minimized.


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Cheap Photo

The Unique Catering Equipment as the Interesting Equipment Type

When you want to open a catering business, you must have some types of the catering equipment too. That becomes the part of your way to propose your idea about business through the professional way. Without the adequate equipment, it will be hard for you to be a professional in your business. Based on that reason, you must think about your modal too for buying the equipment. Minimally you must understand at first where you can find the equipment in line with your available budgets.

Some places are offering the catering equipment in low price today. However, it is important to be understood too that with the cheap catering equipment is commonly the standard one in its appearance. So, that can be hard to be used for making the great impression in the guest’s feeling. Based on that reason, it becomes wiser for you to think about getting it in the cheap price than buying the standard one in the standard price. You can choose other ways for getting the great equipment with the little budget.

Besides of proposing the idea for giving the catering service for people, the business of catering also can be directed into the business of catering equipment rent. This way can bring you into so many customers since renting the catering equipment can need the cheaper cost than if people buy it. Besides, since the wedding ceremony or the party is only the temporary moment, it will be better too for them to rent it than to buy it.

catering equipment
catering equipment

The Interesting Equipment for Catering

Of course nowadays some places that offer for renting the catering equipment also can be found easily. Because of that, if you are the beginner in this field, you must have the special trick for getting so many customers. One trick to be taken is by making your place as the special one. That can be done by some ways too depending on your creative mind. To start it, you also must understand the popular type of equipment commonly liked by nowadays customers.

The interesting type of the catering equipment nowadays is always the unique equipment. That can be the main point noticed for increasing your benefits. You can offer some unique types of equipment in the standard price to make the customers feel interested for renting it from you. The unique equipment can make the higher impression during the wedding ceremony and the party. When you offer it in the standard price, it is sure that can be more interesting too to be chosen.


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