Wedding Card Daughter: What Fine Choices to Choose for Inspiration?

Is your daughter getting married soon? One way parents can choose to congratulate their daughter in her special day is by giving wedding card daughter. There is very wide range of wedding card for daughter you can order. If you do want to buy it rather than to make it on your own, you need to find the one with the best design and the best words. If you are having a hard time to choose one, let the writer tell two examples for you to consider.

wedding card daughter
wedding card daughter

Heart Tree Drawing Card by Micklyn Le Feuvre

The first example that the writer wants you to consider is Heart Tree Drawing Card made by Micklyn Le Feuvre. The first point why the writer considers this wedding card daughter to be a nice choice is because the drawing on the card’s cover. On a plain cream background, Micklyn made lovely hand-drawn illustration of a pen and ink tree. The tree has leaves with the color of pink, red, yellow, gold, orange and purple.

Those leaves form a heart shape on top of the tree stem with some are falling to the ground. For women, it should have been a cute drawing of wedding card. The second nice point that is good about this wedding card daughter is the inside text. Well, you can customize it as you wish, but a wish, like “may you fall deeper in love with each other with every passing year” can be a nice inspiration to write a nice wish.

White Tulip Wedding Card by Eugenia Bacon

The second example that is quite chic as well is White Tulip Wedding Card made by Eugenia Bacon. Unlike the first wedding card daughter which decorates the cover with drawing, this card uses the picture of white tulips with their long stems and leaves. Although flower picture on wedding card cover is so common, these white tulips somehow represent the purity and the sacredness of a wedding.

Wouldn’t that be a suitable picture for your wedding card daughter? It has an inside text with a wish, like “… the love you share with your husband will be like wedding ring: without end” that is quite nice as well. A wish on wedding card daughter can be anything, but you should write one that can be as good as or even better than the wish in this card. This way, your daughter will gladly accept your wish and live a happy life just like you want her to be.


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wedding card daughter