Church Wedding Malaysia Guidance

Mostly, the people of Malaysia are Muslem. However, some other people are Catholic. For the Catholics who want to get married, they prefer hold their wedding at a church. In Malaysia, it also often happens. However, there are some rules that must be followed by the groom and bride before they hold their wedding at a church. So, in this article, I will share the guidance of church wedding Malaysia.

church wedding Malaysia
church wedding Malaysia

Basic Requirements

If you have decided to hold a wedding at a church in Malaysia, you need to know the church requirements wedding Malaysia. The basic requirement is that both the groom and the bride have to be confirmed and baptized Catholic. If both the groom and the bride are Catholics, all of the wedding mass is going to be conducted. However, if only one of the bride and groom who is Catholic, only a wedding service that is going to be conducted. That is the basic requirement of church wedding Malaysia.

Other Requirements

After that, you are required to give the conformation and submit some other requirements. There are many files that are required in registering the wedding at a church in Malaysia. The submission will be divided in some stages that include nine months before, six months before, three to four months before, one to two months before, and a week before. Those are the time of submission requirements of church wedding Malaysia.

Legal Requirements

Then, there are also church legal requirements wedding Malaysia that you have to fulfill. The Catholic couple has to conduct the marriage civil registration. So, you have to register your marriage. A month before it, you need to fulfill a form, prepare some requirements, and submit the certificates they require. For some people, it will sound complex. However, if you follow all the rules, that is easy. Anyway, those legal requirements are very important for the church wedding Malaysia.

Registration Day

On the registration day, there are some rules. Firstly, you have to make sure that all the witnesses are present. For the dress code, you cannot wear strict dress. It will be better for you to wear grand or simple dress. It can depend on both of you. Then, you need to submit the copy of your civil certificate of wedding to the church. Those are the guides that you have to know about church wedding Malaysia. Hopefully this will be helpful and becomes a useful reference for you all.

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