How to Serve Wedding Cake

Cake is identical to birthday. When you hold a birthday party, you usually cut a cake. Cake is also usually used as a gift for someone who has birthday. However, cake cannot only be used for birthday, but also for wedding. A cake for wedding is called wedding cake. It is different from birthday cake. Birthday cake is a cake for someone who has birthday whereas wedding bread is a cake for the guests in a wedding party. It can be a good idea for the alternative food. Even more, it becomes a tradition for some cultures.

wedding cake
wedding cake

Serving Wedding Cake

Different cultures have different ways to serve wedding cake. There are many ways to serve the cake. The first way is by serving the cake to the guests in the morning after the wedding ceremony. This case happens when the wedding party is held in the morning. For example, if the wedding ceremony is started at 08.00 am to 09.00 am., the next agenda is enjoying the cake. It becomes the alternative of breakfast.

The second way is that the wedding cake is served to the guests in the afternoon after having lunch. This happens if the wedding party is held in the afternoon. For example, if the wedding ceremony is started at 12.00 pm to 01.00 p.m., the next agenda is enjoying the wedding party cake. Different from the morning cake, this cake is usually small, because you eat it after having lunch.

The third way is of serving the wedding cake is that the cakes are displayed on the table near the buffet. The most appropriate cakes in this case are cup cakes. So, the guests can take the cakes by themselves. This is appropriate for you who hold a wedding party with a wedding buffet concept. With buffet concept, the cakes do not need to be served, just display them on a table.

The wedding cake can be made either at home or by catering. Maybe, you have known how to make the cake. On the other hand, catering cake will be simpler. However, the most important thing is how to serve it. After reading the ways of serving wedding cake above, hopefully it can be useful for you all. If you have a plan to hold a wedding with marriage cake, you can practice one of the ways above to serve the cake.


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wedding cake