Recommended Wedding Door Gift Malaysia for Your Inspiration

To appreciate our wedding guests, we can give them wedding door gift as the souvenir. Wedding door gift Malaysia is plenty and we can choose the most alluring and unique door gift of wedding. Interestingly, the vendor is not only offering the existed door gift of their products. More than that, we can bespeak what kind of door gift we like. To inspire you, I have some interesting door gifts that you can use as the reference. You are allowed to choose the most appropriate door gift that is matching with your wedding theme.

Wedding Door Gift Ideas

There are many kinds of wedding door gift Malaysia you can opt for. First, you are able to shop the door gift by the product. They are bath soap, bottle opener, candle holder, fork and spoon, glassware, and photo frame. Besides, the other interesting wedding door gift ideas you are able to choose are like table mat, towel, tissue box cover, and jewelry boxes. Those products are interesting to use as the wedding door gift almost in every country on earth especially in Malaysia.

Besides are those, you have another option of wedding door gift Malaysia. There are packaging wedding door gifts that are unique like favor goodie bags, favor glass jars, favor boxes, and favor organza bag or organza pouch. Those favors are designed as exquisite as unique with interesting packaging ideas. Importantly, it is useful for your guests and we believe they will love it. The price of each favor is different depending on the filling you desire.

Further, you are able to choose personalized gifts as the wedding door gift Malaysia. Personalized door gift brings particular interest to the guests because it will remind them you. The personalized wedding door gifts that are available to choose are such as personalized bookmark, ceramic tile, cosmetic mirror, and personalized pepper shaker. Would you like to see more? These I show you the personalized mug, photo plate, pillow cushion and personalized hand fan.

If you tend to choose the edible door gift, wedding door gift Malaysia also offers it to you. Those edible gifts are personalized candy jar, chocolate bar, jelly bean, and personalized tea bag. The other edible wedding door gifts that are interesting and delicious are personalized honey jar, jam jar, and mini mint roll. Don’t hesitate to choose edible gift as your wedding door gift. Those all delicious edible door gifts are recommended and you won’t regret it.

Wedding Dress Malaysia
Discover Wedding Dress Malaysia

Church Wedding Malaysia Guidance

Mostly, the people of Malaysia are Muslem. However, some other people are Catholic. For the Catholics who want to get married, they prefer hold their wedding at a church. In Malaysia, it also often happens. However, there are some rules that must be followed by the groom and bride before they hold their wedding at a church. So, in this article, I will share the guidance of church wedding Malaysia.

church wedding Malaysia
church wedding Malaysia

Basic Requirements

If you have decided to hold a wedding at a church in Malaysia, you need to know the church requirements wedding Malaysia. The basic requirement is that both the groom and the bride have to be confirmed and baptized Catholic. If both the groom and the bride are Catholics, all of the wedding mass is going to be conducted. However, if only one of the bride and groom who is Catholic, only a wedding service that is going to be conducted. That is the basic requirement of church wedding Malaysia.

Other Requirements

After that, you are required to give the conformation and submit some other requirements. There are many files that are required in registering the wedding at a church in Malaysia. The submission will be divided in some stages that include nine months before, six months before, three to four months before, one to two months before, and a week before. Those are the time of submission requirements of church wedding Malaysia.

Legal Requirements

Then, there are also church legal requirements wedding Malaysia that you have to fulfill. The Catholic couple has to conduct the marriage civil registration. So, you have to register your marriage. A month before it, you need to fulfill a form, prepare some requirements, and submit the certificates they require. For some people, it will sound complex. However, if you follow all the rules, that is easy. Anyway, those legal requirements are very important for the church wedding Malaysia.

Registration Day

On the registration day, there are some rules. Firstly, you have to make sure that all the witnesses are present. For the dress code, you cannot wear strict dress. It will be better for you to wear grand or simple dress. It can depend on both of you. Then, you need to submit the copy of your civil certificate of wedding to the church. Those are the guides that you have to know about church wedding Malaysia. Hopefully this will be helpful and becomes a useful reference for you all.

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Cheap Photo for Pre Wedding

Most of the couples want to take pictures pre wedding. However, this often cannot be realized due to a limited budget. If you and your partner want a pre-wedding photos that are not too expensive, then you should do careful planning. Selection of place, concepts and themes, photographers, and clothing worn in the pre-wedding photos certainly will affect the amount of budget that you should spend. Here are tips to get cheap photo of pre-wedding.

cheap photo
cheap photo

Cheap Photo Pre-wedding Tips

The selection of themes and concepts is one thing that affects the implementation of the budget in the pre-wedding photos. In order to remain frugal, you can choose a natural concept that generally has rents that are not too expensive. Classic concept using grassland could also be a solution to get a cheap photo. In addition, various Islamic themes that tend to imply simplicity could also be the right choice for you who do not want to be too extravagant in pre-wedding affairs photo.


The place also affects the amount of fees you should spend in the pre-wedding photo session. For you who want to have cheap photo but still look attractive, you can use the parks, forests, museums, beaches, or other sights to take a picture session. Generally these places will be cheaper when compared to renting a studio with 3D interior, cafe, restaurant, hotel, or a particular building.


Photographer is an important element in the implementation of a pre-wedding photo. In this case, you can rely on the system of relationships such as close friends, relatives, or reference from friends in order to get a cheap photo. But if there is indeed no single reference, you can find yourself on the internet with a particular consideration. You can consider photography skills from the previous photo, the price of the package, the facilities in the package, etc.


Clothing is also influential in the implementation of a pre-wedding photo. This is because the clothing worn in pre-wedding photo session should match the theme or concept you are planning. So you can save more budget for wedding receptions, you can use your own clothing. As an alternative, you can use a simple fashion in a pre-wedding photo shoot. In addition, you can also get the cheap photo by using a wedding dress at a time for a photo session in pre-wedding. By doing so, the expenditure to rent clothes, equipment, or accessories that attach to the body and makeup can be minimized.


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Cheap Photo

Wedding Card Daughter: What Fine Choices to Choose for Inspiration?

Is your daughter getting married soon? One way parents can choose to congratulate their daughter in her special day is by giving wedding card daughter. There is very wide range of wedding card for daughter you can order. If you do want to buy it rather than to make it on your own, you need to find the one with the best design and the best words. If you are having a hard time to choose one, let the writer tell two examples for you to consider.

wedding card daughter
wedding card daughter

Heart Tree Drawing Card by Micklyn Le Feuvre

The first example that the writer wants you to consider is Heart Tree Drawing Card made by Micklyn Le Feuvre. The first point why the writer considers this wedding card daughter to be a nice choice is because the drawing on the card’s cover. On a plain cream background, Micklyn made lovely hand-drawn illustration of a pen and ink tree. The tree has leaves with the color of pink, red, yellow, gold, orange and purple.

Those leaves form a heart shape on top of the tree stem with some are falling to the ground. For women, it should have been a cute drawing of wedding card. The second nice point that is good about this wedding card daughter is the inside text. Well, you can customize it as you wish, but a wish, like “may you fall deeper in love with each other with every passing year” can be a nice inspiration to write a nice wish.

White Tulip Wedding Card by Eugenia Bacon

The second example that is quite chic as well is White Tulip Wedding Card made by Eugenia Bacon. Unlike the first wedding card daughter which decorates the cover with drawing, this card uses the picture of white tulips with their long stems and leaves. Although flower picture on wedding card cover is so common, these white tulips somehow represent the purity and the sacredness of a wedding.

Wouldn’t that be a suitable picture for your wedding card daughter? It has an inside text with a wish, like “… the love you share with your husband will be like wedding ring: without end” that is quite nice as well. A wish on wedding card daughter can be anything, but you should write one that can be as good as or even better than the wish in this card. This way, your daughter will gladly accept your wish and live a happy life just like you want her to be.


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wedding card daughter

How to Serve Wedding Cake

Cake is identical to birthday. When you hold a birthday party, you usually cut a cake. Cake is also usually used as a gift for someone who has birthday. However, cake cannot only be used for birthday, but also for wedding. A cake for wedding is called wedding cake. It is different from birthday cake. Birthday cake is a cake for someone who has birthday whereas wedding bread is a cake for the guests in a wedding party. It can be a good idea for the alternative food. Even more, it becomes a tradition for some cultures.

wedding cake
wedding cake

Serving Wedding Cake

Different cultures have different ways to serve wedding cake. There are many ways to serve the cake. The first way is by serving the cake to the guests in the morning after the wedding ceremony. This case happens when the wedding party is held in the morning. For example, if the wedding ceremony is started at 08.00 am to 09.00 am., the next agenda is enjoying the cake. It becomes the alternative of breakfast.

The second way is that the wedding cake is served to the guests in the afternoon after having lunch. This happens if the wedding party is held in the afternoon. For example, if the wedding ceremony is started at 12.00 pm to 01.00 p.m., the next agenda is enjoying the wedding party cake. Different from the morning cake, this cake is usually small, because you eat it after having lunch.

The third way is of serving the wedding cake is that the cakes are displayed on the table near the buffet. The most appropriate cakes in this case are cup cakes. So, the guests can take the cakes by themselves. This is appropriate for you who hold a wedding party with a wedding buffet concept. With buffet concept, the cakes do not need to be served, just display them on a table.

The wedding cake can be made either at home or by catering. Maybe, you have known how to make the cake. On the other hand, catering cake will be simpler. However, the most important thing is how to serve it. After reading the ways of serving wedding cake above, hopefully it can be useful for you all. If you have a plan to hold a wedding with marriage cake, you can practice one of the ways above to serve the cake.


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wedding cake

Bridal Registry: Get What You Want For Your Wedding Gifts

You do not want to get a bunch of wedding gifts that you do not really need, do you? This is where the part you need to go register what you want for your wedding gifts called bridal registry. It is basically you tell the stores what you want so that the wedding guests can buy them as your gifts. It sounds awesome and fun. But what do I do to do that? Relax, ladies (and gentlemen). I have some tips for you that are worth to try for your bridal registry checklist.

bridal registry
bridal registry

First thing first, you need to do it as soon as possible. Register some or all you have listed early will help you friends and family have time to look for instead making them to pick up something up randomly which is what you really need. Besides, it is free. There is nothing to lose for this. So what are waiting for, couples. Get your ass up and do this bridal registry (or wedding registry) right now.


Make sure that you do not do it alone. This is for the both of you so you need to bring him along. You can list every item you already have and don’t. In this case you can discuss what you want and need for your home. Maybe you can take care of the kitchen stuff while he deals with something else like electronic stuff. This bridal registry is the most interesting part beside the time when you unwrap your wedding gifts.


The most essential thing about this bridal registry is to make sure that all your guests can afford them. The gifts are not too expensive. You can decide like all the gifts are under $100 of $50. I suggest you register on the store that has online bridal registry service so that your guests can browse and order anytime they want even at four in the morning.


Don’t Forget To Say Thank You

Simple “Thanks” or “Thank You” are sometimes forgotten by many couples. Even it is ‘your day’ does not mean you forget the attitude to be gracious about the gifts you have received. Do not hesitate to send notes that you have received the gift and say that you thank them for that. This thing is perhaps a simple thing but very meaningful for somebody finding out that they are being appreciated. Have fun with your bridal registry, guys.


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bridal registry