Amazing Venues of Wedding Banquet Malaysia

Wedding banquet is one of the most important events in a wedding. At this time, the wedding guests are usually served with the formal meals, entertainments, speech, or other ideas. The most important this is not what to serve for the guests but where it will take place. Most people prefer hotels or restaurants for it, however some other people have their own ideas. In Malaysia, there are many venues that are recommended for wedding banquet. So, you need to know the following venues for wedding banquet Malaysia.

KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur

One of the most amazing venues that can be used for wedding banquet in Malaysia is KL Tower. It is the most popular tower in Kuala Lumpur. From the top of the tower, you can see all the cities in Kuala Lumpur. So, it will be a very amazing view. Therefore, why do not you consider it as the venue of your wedding banquet? Of course, it will be unforgettable wedding banquet Malaysia.

Laman Kayangan in Shah Alam

Besides that, you can also consider holding your wedding banquet at Laman Kayangan. It is located in Shah Alam and recommended for wedding banquet. With white theme decoration, it will look very elegant. Besides that, there are so many seats that are available. So, you can invite as much as wedding guests you want. However, you have to customize it to your budget. Anyway, it can be one of the best venues of wedding banquet Malaysia.

NBC Banquet Hall Klang

The next option is NBC Banquet hall Klang. It is located in Leboh Pulau Pinang1 of Taman meru 41400 Klang in Selangor, Malaysia. If you want to make a formal wedding banquet Malaysia, this place can be a good option. With formal and luxurious decoration, your wedding banquet will be more effective. It will be better if you do not invite too much guests. It is enough for your families and close friends only. Anyway, NBC Banquet Hall Klang is recommended for the location of wedding banquet Malaysia.

Extra Super Tanker Restaurant

If you want your wedding banquet is held at a restaurant, Extra Super Tanker restaurant can be the best choice. It is one of the greatest restaurants in Malaysia that is popular with the Chinese cuisine and seafood dishes. It can load many people so that you can invite many guests there. It can be one of the most recommended venues of wedding banquet Malaysia because there are interesting banquet meal packages they offer.


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Wedding Gown Malaysia
Wedding Gown Malaysia

Wedding Photobook and Its Benefits

An ancient time, when the world of photography is still analogous to using a roll of film, the album which is used to capture every moment is an album with a magnetic layer of mica protector. This magnetic album was just as impressed documentation bunch of photos at an event, including weddings, stored without any storyline. So, this is just a snap photo which is based on the plot of events and if the magnetic storage album is in the wrong way, it will cause a surge in mica protector or color photographs will be turned yellowish due to temperature changes. However, recently, there is an innovation for the perpetuation moment of your wedding, the

wedding Photobook.

Wedding Photobook is a photo album in the form of a book containing photographs wedding memories where you can equip it with the title and writing in it. Now, the Photobook has become the trend of replacement of conventional photo album because it can be designed as desired. Capture precious moments of your life in a sheet of Photobook that is personal, unique, and classy. By lifting the concept of the book, Photobook make your photo collection into a more perfect. The form of Photobook resembles the hardcover book that commonly sold in the market.

There are several advantages that can be achieved thanks to the use of wedding Photobook. With Photobook, you can capture a special moment in your life perfectly. You can have a Photobook made by hand so that it can be easily personalized. You can create a Photobook in a variety of sizes of books, usually for the smallest sizes are ranging from 90 mm x 60 mm, and for the largest size is 400 mm x 300 mm.

With wedding Photobook, your happy moment, the most beautiful and unforgettable event will really become an unforgettable memory for all pictures are packed with perfect and immortal. So it would be very unfortunate if the most beautiful moments in your life just packed in an end result that is not eternal and without impression. Therefore, immediately have your favorite wedding Photobook!

Why choose wedding Photobook?

Wedding Photobook allows you to get the perfect photo display with a matte material-laminated hardcover. You can also give a personal touch by adding a title and your favorite color. Photobook bound to lay flat position that allows you to open each page easily. It is usually printed with art paper premium materials that give a luxurious appearance.

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Wedding Photo Booth Malaysia
Wedding Photo Booth Malaysia

Cheap Photo for Pre Wedding

Most of the couples want to take pictures pre wedding. However, this often cannot be realized due to a limited budget. If you and your partner want a pre-wedding photos that are not too expensive, then you should do careful planning. Selection of place, concepts and themes, photographers, and clothing worn in the pre-wedding photos certainly will affect the amount of budget that you should spend. Here are tips to get cheap photo of pre-wedding.

cheap photo
cheap photo

Cheap Photo Pre-wedding Tips

The selection of themes and concepts is one thing that affects the implementation of the budget in the pre-wedding photos. In order to remain frugal, you can choose a natural concept that generally has rents that are not too expensive. Classic concept using grassland could also be a solution to get a cheap photo. In addition, various Islamic themes that tend to imply simplicity could also be the right choice for you who do not want to be too extravagant in pre-wedding affairs photo.


The place also affects the amount of fees you should spend in the pre-wedding photo session. For you who want to have cheap photo but still look attractive, you can use the parks, forests, museums, beaches, or other sights to take a picture session. Generally these places will be cheaper when compared to renting a studio with 3D interior, cafe, restaurant, hotel, or a particular building.


Photographer is an important element in the implementation of a pre-wedding photo. In this case, you can rely on the system of relationships such as close friends, relatives, or reference from friends in order to get a cheap photo. But if there is indeed no single reference, you can find yourself on the internet with a particular consideration. You can consider photography skills from the previous photo, the price of the package, the facilities in the package, etc.


Clothing is also influential in the implementation of a pre-wedding photo. This is because the clothing worn in pre-wedding photo session should match the theme or concept you are planning. So you can save more budget for wedding receptions, you can use your own clothing. As an alternative, you can use a simple fashion in a pre-wedding photo shoot. In addition, you can also get the cheap photo by using a wedding dress at a time for a photo session in pre-wedding. By doing so, the expenditure to rent clothes, equipment, or accessories that attach to the body and makeup can be minimized.


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Cheap Photo